MR PLANNER 旗下有多個部門負責不同的專業事項,有舞台設計及製作、專業音響設計及製作、專業燈光設計及製作、專業投影設計及製作、視覺特效製作及產品活動推廣策劃製作。



公司旗下影像部,有專業設計及製作各個領域的3D視覺影片及設計製作各種投影映射活動,包括大樓外牆的3D Mapping,室內各種3D Mapping視覺設計,有時裝秀,名貴車展,各種展覽及晚會,會議論壇及畫展等。

Service Introduction

MR Event Planner provides you with a complete solution from event planning to actual system setup and operation. The live event planning is very detailed-whether you are planning a small private party or a large corporate meeting, concert or theater event, you must ensure that you have only one chance to use the latest event technology and services.

Our core services are providing audio systems, event lighting, and many other event equipment rental and production services.

Having professional equipment can facilitate the production of various live broadcast videos of various sizes. Our professional team will work closely with you to ensure the success of your event from planning to discussing every technical aspect of the event; if we undertake your project, you can rest assured that it will be with uncompromising dedication and professionalism And guaranteed technical advantages.

Better service does not always mean higher prices, just send us your event information and we guarantee a reasonable price for your project.