Continuous R&D of new products.

NELSON R&D engineers are continuously researching and developing new products. Equipped with the latest measuring equipment, our engineers offer the company constant technical support. The R&D department is organized into two sections:1 . Electronics, where the design of Amplifiers, Mixers and Digital Signal Processing is conducted, and 2. Electro-Acoustics, specialized in the creation of acoustic cabinets and the simulation of sound projects through specialized software. An anechoic chamber of 90 m2 / 400 m3, located on the premises of the same department, allows us to accomplish acoustics measurements simulating free field conditions.

Account & Purchasing 

Organization & Seriousness are essential.

The Purchasing Department’s aim is to obtain the best suppliers from all over the world with the latest innovations in components and excellent reliability. 

With suppliers in more than 30 countries, daily international contact is essential. 

Our presence in the most important trade fairs of our sector also allows us to acquire all the necessary information first-hand to provide our final products with the best materials available. 


Assembly & Quality Control must not be mutually exclusive.

Our production lines offer a perfect harmony between productivity and quality. All finished products are thoroughly tested in our 'burning room' in the case of amplifiers or in our semi-anechoic chamber for the acoustics cabinets. Any elements found to be outside the predetermined quality parameters are removed from the production line. As regards the acoustics cabinets, all milling, cutting and drilling work is carried out by Computerized Numerical Control machinery (CNC), which ensures precision and accurate assembly.

Sales department & SAT. Finished Product warehouse 

The best product requires maximum attention and service.

NELSON has divided the Commercial Department into four areas: one to handle the domestic market, another to deal with exports, the third for post-sales and technical service and the fourth and last area to manage the finished products warehouse and expeditions. All these departments are in an industrial bay of 900 m2, situated in the Industrial Park Nord, Perpinyà Street in Terrassa. For the domestic market we have a network of autonomous delegates throughout the main geographical areas of the country that represent the company and maintain direct contact with our customers. The international market is structured on an exclusive distributions basis. That is to say, we have only one customer in each country with exclusive rights to manage and distribute NELSON products using their own commercial networks.

Materials warehouse.

Ample stock to provide short delivery times.

With a surface area of 350 m2, our warehouse contains all the basic manufacturing materials required for production.


Demonstration stand in our factory. 

Located next to the R&D laboratory, it is equipped with all the necessary items to assess the full potential of the product. Acoustic cabinets, Mixers, Amplifiers and a great variety of components can be evaluated and analyzed in real time.